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Rush hour in San Francisco on Market St. is looking a bit like Copenhagen.
@greenlaneproject. 04.06.14.
might be due to the MUNI sickout? slightly..
market street should be closed to cars already. although it would make driving in that area even more confusing in the rare case that you would be driving there.
**that car is in the bike box.

Bring the noise when we run upon them!

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Joanna Newsom - Cosmia (Ys Street Band Version)

water were your limbs, and the fire was your hair
and then the moonlight caught your eye
and you rose through the air
well, if you’ve seen true light, then this is my prayer:
will you call me when you get there?

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and then came a sound
love, had you drowned?
love, were you dying?

or was the fire moved away?
fire moved away, son.
why would you say
I was the last one?

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The sight of bridges and balloons makes calm canaries irritable..

closes July 3rd:“American Girls” Ilona SzwarcFoley Gallery, 97 Allen St., NYC"The American Girls doll series speak to the ideals, dreams and opportunities liberating young American girls helping to define them as young women. "a classically stylized portraiture series identifying varied juvenile personalities across our country. Young girls are accompanied by a customized version of themselves, a modern ‘American Girl’ doll shown helping them along in their early growth. The relationship between the girls and their dolls embellish privileges of first-world childhood while addressing problems in euro-centric gender ideology. The feminist values inherent to Szwarc’s work draw from the source of what contributes to shaping a young woman’s virtues while celebrating the history of being a young lady growing up today, and the performativity American culture encourages.

Ben Vautier

Rhodochrosite on Quartz - China

An opalised Ichthyosaur backbone recovered from a mine in Andamooka, Australia

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